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Jill Moray is the creator of the Knitting Pretty™ Method, a breakthrough method of knitting that is easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

  • Who is Jill Moray?

    Jill Moray is the creator of the Knitting Pretty Method™, an internationally renowned knitting teacher and lecturer and television personality. She is also an actor (The Sopranos, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Incredible Crew), and a stand-up comic (The Laugh Factory, Caroline’s On Broadway, The Comic Strip).

  • Do you have Knitting Kits?

    We have Knitting Kits for the Beginner through Advanced Knitter with all the materials needed to complete a project - plus a DVD or access to Streaming Video where Jill coaches you through every step. New project kits are added regularly. FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. with any kit.

  • Why are these kits The Best?

    Our kits contain FINEST materials - Natural Fibers and Superior Accessories - plus a DVD or Streaming Video where Jill demonstrates techniques and knits the entire pattern with you. Even a beginner can complete complex projects with Jill as your personal knitting coach!

How did Jill become a Celebrity Knitting Expert?

Jill’s two passions in life have always been knitting and performing. She would bring knitting projects to her TV and movie sets and people would marvel at her speed, enjoyment, and the “knitatative” state she would enter in the midst of a frenetic environment. Celebrities and film crew, alike, ask Jill to teach them her knitting method. Jill is a natural teacher who brings the same passion and excitement to her knitting lessons as she does to her on-camera performances.

Once word spread through the Hollywood community about Jill and her Knitting Pretty method, she became a much sought after knitting teacher and coach to celebrities on the East and West
Coast and around the globe.

How are Jill’s videos superior to every other knitting video available?

Jill’s mastery of her craft and her love of teaching is evident. She makes you feel comfortable and confident right from the start with her easy demeanor, soothing voice and reassuring approach. Jill teaches at a relaxed pace, yet covers a great deal of information during each 30-minute lesson. The videos are beautifully filmed with multiple camera angles, gorgeous lighting, slow motion and detailed close-ups, so you feel as if you are getting a personal knitting lesson from Jill, herself. The knitting motions are shot with a point-of-view that mirrors your own perspective so it is easy to follow and translate to your own hands.

How can Jill take me from complete novice to expert knitter at my own pace?

No more running back and forth to the yarn store for advice. No more searching the internet for that ‘perfect’ knitting video! Jill teaches you everything you need to know about knitting to successfully complete your project in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you like to knit. And Jill coaches you through your first 3 projects and supplies the patterns for free!

I’ve been a knitter for longer than the internet’s been around. What does Jill’s method do for me?

Jill’s method will increase your enjoyment and your speed. Your projects will look cleaner and you will not suffer any fatigue to your hands, back, or neck, even if you knit for hours at a time.

Is this method similar to other knitting methods?

Jill’s method is similar to the English style, with some additions and changes.

How did Jill develop the Knitting Pretty Method?

During a flight from Ireland, Jill was approached by a flight attendant who commented on her “peculiar” method of knitting (the awkward Continental method). This lovely woman then showed Jill a method of knitting completely different from anything she had ever seen: the right needle, held like a pencil, works the yarn like a shuttle while the needles stay perpendicular to each other.

Upon returning to the U.S., Jill sought out materials to expand her knowledge of this unusual way of knitting; however, no materials about this method existed. So Jill, herself, created techniques for knitting this way. And while perfecting this method, she began to find more enjoyment from knitting than ever before. The movements were easier and quicker, and as relaxing as meditation. And because the needle seemed to take the exact amount of yarn it needed, there was none of the stress or anxiety sometimes associated with traditional knitting. And low and behold, the Knitting Pretty Method was born!

Jill’s passion for knitting grew even as she continued working as an actress. She brought her knitting to movie sets and comedy clubs, amazing onlookers with her speed, consistency, peacefulness, and joy. Jill began teaching other actors how knitting could help them handle the constant rejection of show business. She became a popular knitting instructor in New York and London, and a hand knitter for Baby Gap.

Still, Jill yearned to enlighten everyone about her method—the easiest, fastest, most relaxing way to knit—that also offers the spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation. So she summoned all of her talents and created a series of instructional videotapes and DVDs that are fun to watch and easy to follow. Now millions of new and experienced knitters alike can reach that peaceful, “knitatative” place where all is good!

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When you join The Knitting Channel, you will receive three original patterns for free, plus a regular newsletter filled with lots of knitting news, helpful information, tips, hints, special deals, and Jill’s Hollywood Knitting Blog. Plus many surprise bonuses along the way! You’ll also have the opportunity to learn Jill’s Knitting Pretty Method for FREE. Just follow the prompts on the video page.


“I’ve always wanted to learn to knit but it always looked so complicated. Your video made everything so clear and easy. I can’t wait to learn more!”

Samantha K.

“I have completed Video 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a beginner. I am interested in trying other tapes. Thank you for this series.”

Joan M.

“I purchased the beginners video from your website, and I look forward to purchasing the rest of the series over the next few months. P.S. My doctor swears that knitting has helped to lower by blood pressure!”

Jayne C.

“When I watched Video 1, I expected to learn to knit. What I did not expect was such an entertaining and fun lesson that had me knitting within a half hour! Jill is a fantastic teacher!”

Yolanda H.

“Jill’s tapes are the best instructional tapes I’ve ever seen. These were not slapped together like most of the tapes out there. I especially loved the slow-motion as it really showed the technique so clearly. And Video 2: Intermediate Knitting is just as wonderful! Thank you for bringing knitting into my life.”

Regina H.

“I had heard so much about Jill’s Knitting Method and decided to give it a try. Even though I had been knitting for more than 30 years, I can’t believe I can now knit more comfortably and more quickly than ever before.”

Belinda G.

“Everything in the lesson made so much sense. And it was so easy to follow all of the demonstrations. I can’t believe I am actually knitting!”

Patty S.

“I’ve tried to learn how to knit but always found the demonstrations to be confusing. This tape showed every step so clearly and slow enough that everything made sense. And it is so much fun to watch!”

Maxine B.

“I know how to knit the hard way. I had a stroke in 1995 and my hands don’t work great together real well. When I do it your way, it is much easier to do. Thank you.”

Betty G.

“Jill is a terrific teacher. And I loved how comfortable she was (I loved the cowboy boots!) because it made me comfortable, too. The entire lesson was fun to watch and a snap to understand.”

Sandy S.

“I wasn’t even interested in learning to knit when I received the tape as a gift. But Jill made the process so fun and interesting that I am actually knitting. And I love it!!”

Susan M.

“I can’t thank you enough for your Method. I am bedridden and can now pass the time enjoyably, since now I can knit in any position, sitting or reclining. Thank you, Jill.”

Jane H.

“I had a stroke and cannot use my left hand. But I am now able to knit again using the Jill’s Method. This way of knitting is so easy and comfortable; my grandchildren can now have the joy of getting something from Grandma’s hands.”

Clara N.

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